Migration from Google Commerce Search to Solr

We have recently migrated topgifter.com from Google commerce search to Solr on Amazon cloud. We now support google commerce like auto suggestion features, faceting, search caching using solr. It was a great experience migrating about 3 million items to Solr. If any of the customers need help with migrating Google commerce search to solr, please feel free to email us at info@kosmex.com

Solr Cloud

At kosmex, we have supported our customer topgifter.com  a gift shopping portal migrating to the new solr cloud platform.

Migration to solr cloud for topgifter has given them capabiility to scale and increase the content on the site. We have been very happy with performance of solr cloud. We specially like the auto sharding, distribution and replication features of solr. We would be happy to help any customers who would be interested in considering migrating to solr cloud for search needs. Please email us at info@kosmex.com for more information