Group Referral Software

With a simple java script into their pages, retailers can now decrease customer acquisition cost, increase customer loyalty and decrease the shopping costs., a leading Indian retailer is very happy with the results of grouping platform. Please see the testimony of the CEO of on their blog at

Please call us at 4086631442 or email us at to see how we can help you.

Autosuggest using Solr

As a consultant to enrich the end user experience on, we are working on implementing auto suggest feature on maansu. At maansu, we leverage the power of Lucene to make the user experience better. When we had to implement auto suggest, we leveraged the Termscomponent handler for auto suggest. Thanks to open sourcing of solr, we a small band of engineers were able to provide the complicated feature of auto suggest in couple of days.

Some other reference url’s to get this feature working are

Email Marketing App using App Engine

You can see a  free email marketing application using Google App Engine and Java at You can enter user name, upload contacts file, copy/paste a marketing message and the application will send a email to the users. This sample proto-type application can be extended to act as a email marketing application, which we are hopeful of developing it, sometime soon. It uses GWT, J2EE and is hosted on Google App Engine.